Basic Information

Your documents are prepared with precise care. As soon as we receive your document, we evaluate it to determine its particular field. It is then passed on to a selected translator who specializes in this field. We place emphasis not "only" on the linguistic level, but also on the professional level and the abilities of the translator in the given field. If our working relationship develops into a long-term cooperation, we see to it that your documents are translated by the same translator (or translators) for two main reasons:

1. The integration of your documents enables our translator better orientation concerning your specific needs and processes, guaranteeing that the translation is a precise reflection of your text.

2. This assures a homogeny of the expert terminology used, terminology that might even fluctuate within the field. Your documents are then more compatible and less subject to misunderstandings caused by the use of different expressions, as can happen when translations come from differing sources.

Once the translation is completed, it undergoes a careful inspection which guarantees the accuracy of the translation to the original document. Special attention is given to possible mistakes in numerical and technical information as well as the completeness of the text - this inspection is intended to compensate for the "human factor" and eliminate any resulting discrepancies.

Graphic Works

Formatting normal documents is a natural part of any translating service. Often the client requests that the graphics of the translation be absolutely identical to the original. In more difficult cases when work with pictures, graphs, special formats, etc. is required, we are ready to accommodate your requests. Thanks to our cooperation with a DTP studio, we are able to work with a wide spectrum of formats ranging from special formats in classic office applications to professional graphic formats, even pre-print preparations and the printing process itself. The resulting documents are delivered to you in the format and media of your choice.


All information we receive in your documentation is considered to be strictly confidential. This condition is anchored in our contract with you as well as in the contracts of our translators. We place great emphasis on the protection of your information and take all respective steps to ensure this.

Special Services

  • To our longer-standing clients, we offer FREE OF CHARGE a so-called "client glossary" of field-specific terminology. This glossary serves to establish a singular source of expressions that the client uses in his particular field. This glossary, of course, is available to the client for his own internal use. Moreover, it serves to maintain the continuity of the particular terminology, should the preferred translator be for any reason unavailable; the glossary is then used as an exact guide for the different translator.

  • To better facilitate quick communication,we try to accommodate the client's requests concerning express fees. We realize that most of the time, business correspondence requires an immediate response. This is why we charge NO EXPRESS FEES for translations up to one page within the same day - the same applies to translations up to two pages needed the next day. In larger cases, our price list applies.
    (Note: this applies only to the basic language groups.)

  • Documents going to print usually require correction by a native speaker. Our partners are available to secure the highest quality possible.

  • From the first order, a Client card is kept on each client, where information on all ordered translations is stored. Once the cumulative orders exceed 200 standard pages (1 standard page = 1800 characters), the client is automatically entitled to a 2% discount on all further translation and interpretation orders. This is a cumulative discount that can be used in combination with other discounts as described in our price list. This means, for example, that a translation exceeding 100 standard pages in combination with the above mentioned discount would receive an automatic 7% discount.

In Closing...

We do everything we can to make sure that your documents are prepared on the highest level in all aspects. Our objective is to assure your satisfaction and ease communication with your partners abroad so that you can completely devote your energies to your work. We truly believe that you will be satisfied with our services.