Founded in 1996 in Prague, RESPECTIVE has been providing translation and interpretation services to a limited range of regular clients. As the range of services kept growing, the background facilities have developed accordingly.

RESPECTIVE associates a team of thirty translators and interpreters, native speakers and specialists in software, DTP services and computer graphics who jointly save your time required by communication with international partners and preparation of your presentations and documents.

Your materials are processed by translators who specialize in the field specific for your company's activities. Thus, the highest possible professional level is achieved as well as consistency of the terminology used.

All information we receive in your documentation is considered to be strictly confidential. Another part of our care is maintaining an archive of all your documents for further possible re-use or updating.

Further, we focus on perfect graphic level of your documents. Thanks to our cooperation with a DTP studio, we are able to process presentation materials of your company, such as brochures, catalogues or annual reports for print or create and maintain your presentation on the Web.

We are always willing to accommodate your requests,
thus making your work easier.